Exercise is an external expression of an internal desire to LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST!

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Sweat Therapy IS Community!

This challenge is about total strangers coming together to form a COMMUNITY of Encouragement, Motivation, and Accomplishment: Finish the challenge and meet individual goals. Your COMMUNITY will explore and discover fitness, NOT as an END, but as MEANS to an end. Exercise is an external expression of an internal motivation to live life to the fullest. LIVING LIFE is the goal. Being there for your family and friends with a quality of life that can only be experienced when you approach fitness…FROM THE INSIDE OUT! Sign up now!

Community Achievement

glyphicons-20-heart-empty     New Friends

glyphicons-23-fire    New Perspective on Fitness (…from the inside out)

glyphicons-20-heart-empty    Team Accountability | Team Achievement

glyphicons-23-fire    Challenge Accomplished!

Personal Goals!

glyphicons-56-stopwatch     Increased Stamina

glyphicons-44-group    A Positive Mental Attitude

glyphicons-23-fire     Weight Loss (12 lbs to 20 lbs)

glyphicons-13-heart     Lowered Blood Pressure and Heartrate